A Range Of Pacifying Services

Are you a new diamond buyer bothering about quality and reliability? It is a common phenomenon with diamond buyers and buyers tend to shop at local dealers. However, Diamond Clarity Enhanced comes with all assurance and stands on all tests of buyers to provide a secured and reliable source. If you go through our list of valuable services, you will realize it. We believe that customer satisfaction is our commitment.

At Diamond Clarity Enhanced, we take care of all concerns of buyers to relax them from all worries while shopping diamonds or diamond jewelry. These services prove it.

Wholesale prices

We offer the lowest prices eliminating all mediators like retailers, sales persons and overheads. So, you can save a significant amount while shopping diamonds/ jewelry.

Jewelry warranty

We offer premium quality diamonds and jewelry made with top methods of craftsmanship. All jewelry here comes with warranty.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping services for all US customers and express shipping facilities to international customers.

30 day return facility

We offer 30-day return policy. You can return purchases if you dislike it and retain full refund or exchange it within 30 days.

Gemological certification for diamonds

All diamonds come with certifications from renowned organizations like GIA, EGL etc. So, that you can buy diamonds with confidence.

Besides these services, we provide many other services like assurance of conflict free diamonds, insurance, laser inscription facilities, refer a friend etc. These services are good enough to make your purchase safe and delightful. So, focus on the diamond jewelry purchase and relax!